Mural Reception at Foodlink

The mural showcase for our Foodlink mural collaboration was a great success. We kicked off the night honoring the contributions of Foodlink, Single Volunteers of Rochester (SVR), our community volunteers, and our Make Your MARC lead Artist, Janelle Sandefur. There were delicious home baked goods, a ton of pizza, and the evening even concluded with a tour of the new Foodlink Headquarters! This mural was such a great experience.
Thank you everyone for all of your great work!!
Check out some reception photos:

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Make Your MARC would like to thank our community partners for all of their help:


SVR – Single Volunteers of Rochester


The canvas is set.

Now we only need to add a few more details and shading. Lovin the brilliant colors!!

Make Your MARC is very proud of the community effort that went into this Foodlink mural.
Thank you volunteers!

Relaxing Saturday mural painting

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon! Make Your MARC has made excellent progress on the Foodlink mural, but it looks like we will be headed back next week for some more finishing touches and detailing. Thanks to our two wonderful volunteers yesterday, the mural is really coming together. Check it out!

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Freshly painted mural!

The mural project at Foodlink Headquarters is lookin’ great! Make Your MARC is so proud of all our volunteers! Next up is some Saturday detailing. Rochester! Come get involved and help paint a mural. Check out some pictures from our mural team:

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There is still one day left to help Make Your MARC finish the Foodlink mural project.
Sign up now by emailing

Foodlink mural sneak peek

More photos of draw day. If you look carefully, you can see a sneak preview of our design crafted by the lovely Janelle Sandefur and interpreted by our wonderful volunteers.

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Come out and paint with us this week at the Foodlink Headquarters as we work to finish the mural!

1999 Mt Read Blvd.

This week’s schedule:
June 14th, Thursday, from 3pm-7pm
June 16th, Saturday, from 12pm-4pm

Email with any questions.

Foodlink Mural Progress

Design transfer success! Email if you would like to help us paint.

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Thank you everyone who helped sketch the design on the Foodlink wall today! The volunteer entrance is going to look AMAZING.

Coming up next week:
Thursday, June 14th at 3pm:  Large area painting!
Saturday, June 16th at 12pm: Detail painting!

Foodlink Mural this Thursday

Reminder! Make Your MARC needs your help!

The mural project for Foodlink kicks off Thursday and culminates next Saturday. If you are interested in getting involved, sign up to volunteer by emailing Foodlink at We are in particular need of help on Saturday, June 16th, for the final touches and detail painting. The design is a whimsical portrayal of open farm lands, and the mural will stretch around the corner below.

Here are the schedule details:

June 7th, Thursday, 3pm-7pm: Draw the design on the wall. Mix colors.
June 14th, Thursday, 3pm-7pm: Painting Day 1 (Large areas; Little detail).
June 16th, Saturday, 12pm-4pm: Painting Day 2 (Detailing and Edging).

Come to one, or all three volunteer days! Whichever tickles your fancy most.
Hope to see you there!