UCCS Community Mural

It’s been nearly a full year since our mural with Urban Choice Charter School! Check out the final product and detail shots:

UCCS Mural

UCCS_Detail 2

UCCS Detail 1

UCCS_Detail 3



Progress at UCCS!

Look at those beautiful colors! The design is really coming along. A special thank you to a handful of helpful 6th graders for stepping in while the 8th graders finished up their end of the semester tests.

PaintDay2.1 PaintDay2





UCCS: Paint on the walls

The walls of Urban Choice Charter School are slowly but surely filling up with lovely color! So exciting to see the progress. So far Make Your MARC has been able to work with 3 very helpful art classes.

Check it out!



PaintDay1.1 PaintDay1.2 PaintDay1.3 PaintDay1.4 PaintDay1.5 PaintDay1.6 PaintDay1.7 PaintDay1.8 PaintDay1.9

Urban Choice Charter School

Make Your MARC’s mural at Urban Choice Charter School is well on its way! The eighth grade art classes have been doing an excellent job!

Here are some photos from our 1st drawing day:



BeforePainting2 DrawingDay1.3 DrawingDay1.2 DrawingDay1.1

Mural Reception at Foodlink

The mural showcase for our Foodlink mural collaboration was a great success. We kicked off the night honoring the contributions of Foodlink, Single Volunteers of Rochester (SVR), our community volunteers, and our Make Your MARC lead Artist, Janelle Sandefur. There were delicious home baked goods, a ton of pizza, and the evening even concluded with a tour of the new Foodlink Headquarters! This mural was such a great experience.
Thank you everyone for all of your great work!!
Check out some reception photos:

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Make Your MARC would like to thank our community partners for all of their help:


SVR – Single Volunteers of Rochester

Foodlink Mural Celebration!

Join us for a celebration honoring the community mural collaboration between Foodlink and Make Your MARC: Mural Arts in the Rochester Community. Refreshments provided. Free and Open to the public.
Event: Mural Showcase at Foodlink
Date: August 16th
Time: 6-8pm
Location: 1999 Mt. Read Blvd. at the Foodlink Headquarters
Cost: Free!

Make Your MARC & Foodlink Mural

This has been such a wonderful project. We will be announcing the celebration date soon. Thank you Janelle Sandefur for your lovely design, thank you volunteers for all of your efforts, and thank you Foodlink for this amazing project opportunity! Check out the finished mural by the Make Your MARC team:

And Some detail shots…