Mural Project this June: UCCS

Make Your MARC is excited to announce that there will be a new mural project happening this June with Urban Choice Charter School.

UCCS New Logo[1]

The project will involve beautifying the hallway leading to the school’s cafeteria. UCCS’s wonderful 8th grade art classes will be leading the way, with the help of parents, teachers, staff and you!

If you are interested in getting involved, we are looking for artist assistants and volunteers to hold responsibilities and take part in the mural making. Design tasks are already well on their way, so email us at as soon as possible to get involved.

More detailed scheduling coming soon. To learn more about UCCS, check out their mission page.


Foodlink mural sneak peek

More photos of draw day. If you look carefully, you can see a sneak preview of our design crafted by the lovely Janelle Sandefur and interpreted by our wonderful volunteers.

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Come out and paint with us this week at the Foodlink Headquarters as we work to finish the mural!

1999 Mt Read Blvd.

This week’s schedule:
June 14th, Thursday, from 3pm-7pm
June 16th, Saturday, from 12pm-4pm

Email with any questions.

Foodlink Mural this Thursday

Reminder! Make Your MARC needs your help!

The mural project for Foodlink kicks off Thursday and culminates next Saturday. If you are interested in getting involved, sign up to volunteer by emailing Foodlink at We are in particular need of help on Saturday, June 16th, for the final touches and detail painting. The design is a whimsical portrayal of open farm lands, and the mural will stretch around the corner below.

Here are the schedule details:

June 7th, Thursday, 3pm-7pm: Draw the design on the wall. Mix colors.
June 14th, Thursday, 3pm-7pm: Painting Day 1 (Large areas; Little detail).
June 16th, Saturday, 12pm-4pm: Painting Day 2 (Detailing and Edging).

Come to one, or all three volunteer days! Whichever tickles your fancy most.
Hope to see you there!

Mission Revisited

When it comes to public murals in the city of Rochester, Make Your MARC wants to do things differently. We are a community mural program, and we want to put the importance back on the process and on those participating.

It’s a tough line to walk, and especially so with a slow developing program. BUT. Make Your MARC is excited to grow with the Rochester community, beautifying our city and building confidence in those involved along the way. We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to leave a mark on their community. Thinking BIG, wouldn’t it be so great to have city-sponsored murals out in the public, ones that are not just tied to private property?! We’ll get there.

Look out blank walls! We’re comin for ya!

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Bare Walls this June

Look at these beauties! In the middle of June Make Your MARC and Foodlink will be working together to make these walls shine! So exciting!

If you’ve volunteered at the new location on 1999 Mt. Read Blvd. before, this might be more recognizable…

Thank you Foodlink for such a great project opportunity and partnership! You are officially added to the current projects list!

If you are interested in getting involved, email us!

or Connect with us on Facebook 😀

Meet Make Your MARC

What’s going on:

MARC officially has a web presence!

Two projects are currently underway for the months of March and April. You can find information about them under our current projects tab.

How you can get involved:

Contact us via email at and let us know which project you would be interested in joining. We can always use extra helping hands… and extra paint brushes and drop-cloths too!

Keep a look out for more information on upcoming mural projects in the city of Rochester as we continue to modify the site. Thanks for stopping by!