Creativity inspired…Snow?!

Just a few days ago, our beautiful, 80 degree, Rochester weather ignited thoughts of large outdoor murals covering walls of our city with lush, flowering trees.
Very inspiring.

Now, a mere 4 days later, we have this…

Guess it could be worse. (Like the year we had snow in May!) At least the flowers are still beautiful! Hang in there, Lilac Festival!

Still working on editing photos from our wonderfully successful Mural Debut at the Rochester Parkour Gym’s 1-Year Anniversary Celebration. Hoping to get them up tomorrow, but in the meantime, snuggle up with a blanket and hot cocoa, and enjoy this silly, frosty surprise.¬†Here’s a creative project to enhance your sipping enjoyment from Danni at Oh, Hello Friend.


Creativity inspired…

Welcome to a new blog segment – Creativity inspired! Thought it would be interesting to share thoughts and inspirations beyond what Make Your MARC is physically doing here in Rochester. Hope you think so too!

Whenever Make Your MARC needs to describe the mural making process we use to others on a project site, we usually say that it’s sort of like a paint-by-numbers. This guy took that literally! Came across this interview on¬†where the artist discusses his process. The results are lovely!

Mural by Curtis Robertson, photos found on

Mural by Curtis Robertson, photos found on