Mural Reception at Foodlink

The mural showcase for our Foodlink mural collaboration was a great success. We kicked off the night honoring the contributions of Foodlink, Single Volunteers of Rochester (SVR), our community volunteers, and our Make Your MARC lead Artist, Janelle Sandefur. There were delicious home baked goods, a ton of pizza, and the evening even concluded with a tour of the new Foodlink Headquarters! This mural was such a great experience.
Thank you everyone for all of your great work!!
Check out some reception photos:

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Make Your MARC would like to thank our community partners for all of their help:


SVR – Single Volunteers of Rochester


Foodlink Mural Celebration!

Join us for a celebration honoring the community mural collaboration between Foodlink and Make Your MARC: Mural Arts in the Rochester Community. Refreshments provided. Free and Open to the public.
Event: Mural Showcase at Foodlink
Date: August 16th
Time: 6-8pm
Location: 1999 Mt. Read Blvd. at the Foodlink Headquarters
Cost: Free!

Make Your MARC & Foodlink Mural

This has been such a wonderful project. We will be announcing the celebration date soon. Thank you Janelle Sandefur for your lovely design, thank you volunteers for all of your efforts, and thank you Foodlink for this amazing project opportunity! Check out the finished mural by the Make Your MARC team:

And Some detail shots…

Mural Debut Success!

Thank you to everyone who came out! Make Your MARC’s first Mural Debut was a great success. We had quite the large turn out, and the party even came equipped with a DJ! How fun! Thank you Rochester Parkour for hosting us.
Check it out:

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The evening opened with a smaller crowd observing the Ninja Warrior obstacle course competition, equipped with snacks, as apart of the Rochester Parkour Gym’s 1-Year Anniversary Celebration. Then we had some project announcements, introductions about the Make Your MARC project, some thank yous were shared, followed by a slideshow of photographs depicting our community accomplishments. Make Your MARC was thrilled to announce the new, community-voted mural title, “Freedom Though Movement”. Of course, there was delicious food provided (homemade tomato soup, cookies, and brownies. Yum!), and we all played the night away to jams provided by DJ Ethan Kellex. Such a wonderful way to wrap up our first mural project.

Celebration Reminder

Join us for a Mural Showcase!

THIS Saturday, April 21st, is the mural showcase celebration, hosted by the Rochester Parkour Gym! For details, in case you missed them, see this post.

Showcase starts at 5pm with food and joint festivities with Rochester Parkour’s 1-Year Anniversary in honor of the mural project collaboration. Address is 121 Lincoln Ave. See you soon!

MARC is headed to Foodlink!

Today, Make Your MARC is headed over to scope out the upcoming Rochester community mural project at the Foodlink headquarters over on Mt. Read! So excited to check out all of those blank walls! Details to come.

In the meantime, mark your calendars for the Make Your MARC Mural Debut Showcase with Rochester Parkour!

Or view the invitation on Facebook. Be sure to “Like” us!

Is anyone thinking about competing?

You’re Invited!

Mural Showcase Celebration

Join us on Saturday, April 21st, as we celebrate Make Your MARC’s mural debut! Location is the Rochester Parkour Gym on 121 Lincoln Avenue.

Joint festivities will be held in honor of the community collaboration with Rochester Parkour, who made this mural a success! A 2pm Ninja Warrior obstacle challenge will culminate in time for the 5pm celebration. Refreshments provided.


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Interested in competeing in the Ninja Warrior? Competitors fee is $10.00. Email for details.

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